Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Arrghh, I've lost my Regina Spektor tickets for next month!
This is the second time I lost them, last time when I found them I put them in a very safe place,
but now I can't remember where that was, not where I thought it was, unless someone has broken in and secretly taken nothing but the Regina tickets. I've searched everywhere I could imagine myself putting them, nothing, my brain is a seive!
At least they are seated, third row yay, so replaceable. I already got my Wilco tickets for next April, (Auckland and Wellington consecutive nights), and have put them in an obvious place with most of my other Wilco stuff, they're general admission though, (aka FRONT row hehe), so not replaceable.
I guess I'm going to have to make a call and get the Regina ones reissued.

Beadwise I made a lentil shape for a change, front and back... 

 Also an urchin bead I have to rephotograph because I managed to include two dog hairs stuck to the bead, a Paisley and an Angel hair!

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