Monday, November 12, 2012


I just love when I feel as though I've managed to get a lot of things done in a day.
This day was extra productive... first I made new simplified cards using my current favourite banner pic, my printer made them look kinda dark so I took the jpeg to the print shop and it only cost $10 for 64 cards, larger than business cards but not quite postcards, it would have cost more than that just for ink in our printer! And they came out so good, I love them
Then I mailed off a necklace etsy sale and the 60 big hole beads I've been working on for the Tutukaka gallery summer re-opening
Then Heidi who is the only other lampworker in Taranaki came over to use my torch for a few hours while I worked on my garden landscaping.
When the kiln had cooled and I took her beads out it was about 10pm and there were half a dozen dipped mandrels left so I spent two hours on the torch myself and made 4 beads I was really happy with. Sometimes a session is just meh, sometimes super frustrating, but it's those occasions when it all comes together and you feel like you're on a roll that make bead making so seductively addictive!
Of course you never really know until they come out of the kiln though...
to be continued

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