Monday, October 29, 2012

Fatty and skinny

I realised I havn't put up any whippet pics for ages! And now they've both just  given me particular reason to do so.
Angel because she just about qualifies for dog biggest loser of the year if there was such a thing.
This photo is from last year when she weighed in at 16.6 kg,

Whippets are such a weird shape, in profile her stomach still cut sharply upwards, but looking down  she was decidedly barrel shaped.  I hadn't noticed just how much until she went for her annual shots and our vet gave me a lecture and put her on a diet with strict instructions to cut out the treats.
Which I did, for a while, she does get occasional goodies again now but not all the dinner leftovers every night.
So she went for her shots again the other day and now weighs in at just 12.2kg!
Down 4.4kg, so what, roughly 30% body weight or something like that.
Paisley came for the ride and weighs EXACTLY the same, although she's a bit shorter, and I feed her a bit less, and she runs a lot more. Ideally she needs to weigh a little less
But last night I went out to the shed to make beads for a few hours and when I came back found the cookie container had been raided, two almost full bags demolished, although the bags weren't even ripped lol.
I think Paisley most likely responsible for initiating the raid, but Angel would have definitely got in on it despite looking so innocent
So they didn't get any breakfast this morning, and they didn't even complain, I fully expected some whining but they seemed to understand they were in disgrace.

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