Monday, October 22, 2012

Big holes

Last year I sold some of my beads in a lovely art gallery up north called the Tutukaka gallery.
A great spot near Whangarei right on a harbour. They closed down for a few months through the winter but are about to reopen for the upcoming summer/ tourist season and so I have an initial order to fill of sixty big hole beads to fit those chunky bracelets.
Perversely as soon as I have a commitment to make a certain item to order I suddenly feel like making lots of other random stuff instead!
So I made myself spend a session making some brighter colours than I usually choose to keep it interesting. The pale greeny one is yellow I guess didn't strike properly, but still kinda pretty, the rest I'm happy with. I tried three different reds, the middle one came out the best but the trouble is I didn't keep track of which one was which!

I need to clean the bead release out a bit better as well but yeah, it's fun to play with different colours:)

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