Friday, October 12, 2012

At last!!

No beads today, I'm just back from visiting my 95 yr old Grandma in the South Island,
 took some pics of her ramshackle barn

GREAT news, I've been waiting more than two years for this announcement... Wilco are finally coming back to NZ next April! Woot woot!! I got to see them in 08, 09 and 10 and they were amazing every time, last time I was in the front row and Jeff Tweedy spoke to me after playing my request, She's a jar (life highlight lol) and I snapped up one of Glens drumsticks thrown into the crowd at the end, thanks to help from Joe, best friend ever!!

This time I've promised myself I'm going to both shows, Auckland and Wellington, and since I didn't get to see them last year or this year I can justify that.
Glad I already bought Regina Spektor tickets for December too so I don't have to choose ha, and an enamelling weekend workshop in November:)

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