Monday, February 14, 2011

For Joe

My best friend has moved to Australia, boohoo!
Before she left I made this ring especially for her, she chose the bead and I like that it is reminescent of the Mountain and surf here in Taranaki NZ, a good remember 'home' bead :)

I actually lost the whole ring while making it though, polishing with the dremel tool (*remember not to hold rings on cloth when rotary polishing*).
The whole thing flung out of my hand and across the workshop and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE! I thought I was going to have to CLEAN the whole place!
This is what my silver corner looks like, rotary tool on the left corner, (note fish tank at the other end of my bench)

I  even looked in there as a last resort after a frustrating half hour and pulling all that crap out from under the bench

It is already 'decorated' with reject beads and random bits, the fish like them. It wasn't until I actually looked over the top of the open tank I found the ring nestling in the back! Little sucker.

At least I found it, and lucky it hadn't smashed the glass tank, that would have really sucked.

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