Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I just put together two whole glass bead necklaces in record time!
These are for an exhibition the NZGBA are putting together in support of the Bead of Courage program. Children dealing with illness are given beads to represent the procedures they undergo. I don't usually do 'exhibitions' due to my dislike for deadlines and the whole submission process. I have donated random beads to BOC before but when I was asked at the last minute to contribute a necklace of a single colour to help represent a childs journey I decided I could manage that and actually did two from scratch in a week, (well it's a record for me!).
Lime green represents Isolation, fever, neutropenia

And purple for Morphine/dopamine/PCA infusion

The NZGBA is working with The Child Cancer Foundation to develop a month-long exhibition of Courage Beads for Child Cancer Month in March 2011 to be held in the foyer of the Vero Tower in Auckland.

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