Monday, February 3, 2014

New year catch up

Well I became apathetic and forgot about posting here, mainly because I turned into a knitting addict and started posting all those FO's and WIP's over on Ravelry.

But now it's summer again and I have just rediscovered my bead making mojo and I do like being able to look back through this blog to remind myself of beads I've made in the past, or my favourite posts - the concert ones, so I will still occasionally update this for my own benefit.
The last show I went to was M Ward, back in November, and I've spent nearly all my listening time with him since, still not tired of it.
I found a kindred musical spirit in my cousin Rachel, (also a knitter, jewellery maker and nearly finished her nursing degree!) I introduced her to Wilco and was so happy to finally have someone really embrace and appreciate them as much as I feel appropriate;) She played me Bon Iver and a lot of other depressing acoustic singer songwriter stuff we could bond over, lol.
I played her Monsters of Folk and she played me She and Him.
I liked the Him but the She's voice bothered me, I don't know that Conor Oberst did it for her, but we both loved M Ward:)
I saw on one of my google searches checking what shows might be upcoming, (because ticketek and ticketmaster can not even be trusted to inform me of stuff I've actually bought to tickets to before!) that he was playing in Australia and text Rachel to complain about the dick move of playing Australia and not coming over to NZ (yes you Justin Townes Earle). Then a few days later saw he added an "intimate solo performance' in Auckland! The best kind! So I swapped a shift and drove the five hours to see him.
It was short and sweet but oh so beautiful, his voice is so soothing and his guitar playing was amazing to watch and I was entranced.
A small venue, small respectful crowd. I recognized one of my favourite NZ singers next to me up front, Age Pryor who I loved since he played throughout an amazing WOMAD weekend back in '08 with the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, The Woolshed Sessions and my highlight - his own sets. Between the opening act (Lydia Cole, pleasant but not too awe inspiring) and waiting for M Ward I told Age how much I appreciate his music and love his song Acceptance. We chatted about WOMAD and WIUO, the Woolshed Sessions, about his recent tour of Edinburgh and the great shows I'd seen in 2013. Turned out he HATED the movie Once!! And isn't a fan of Wilco!! WTF.
We talked about Daniel Johnston, I told him M Ward covered Story of an Artist, and he told me his favourite M Ward song is Undertaker which I hadn't heard.
And then M Ward came out and our conversation was over and the next hour was a wonderful uplifting emotional blur. I was slightly disapointed it was so short, spoilt by Wilco and Glen Hansard playing close to three hour shows and really enjoying it and wanting MORE! I didn't take any pictures, havn't been able to find any audio recording but there is lots of good youtube M Ward, just not from that night. He finished with his Let's Dance cover which struck me as a brilliant version I didn't think I'd heard before, but now I know it's in the movie Eagle vs Shark which I'd seen and loved (so is Age Pryors song  'I don't want ', a connection I only made much later lol) but hadn't fully NOTICED that song til I heard and saw it live!
So I was inspired to listen to M Wards full catalogue, (Spotify is awesome, except for being linked to facebook which is the only reason I have to keep an account) and found the album I like the best,  an old one, so often the way, from 2003 - Transfiguration of Vincent, so beautiful and lyrical and including the wonderful song Undertaker which is one of the best and I've had it on repeat for the past three months:)
 Lyrics to Undertaker :
Oh love is so good
When you're treated like you should be
The sky goes on forever in a symphony of song.

And how the water can flow
Like it's streaming out a fountains
And all you got to do is find a sword and a stone.

And how it takes all the night
Like birds of paradise like
Way down in Pollyanna where the race runs wild.

Oh but if you're gonna leave
Better call the undertaker
Take me under, undertaker
Take me home.

Oh just place me in a box
And fasten all the locks
And with a one, two throw me over the bay side bridge.

'Cause love is so good
When you're treated like you should be
The sea goes on forever in a symphony of song.

Oh but if you're gonna leave
Better call the undertaker
Take me under, undertaker
Take me home.

Also Outta my Head... HARMONICA, unh!

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