Thursday, June 6, 2013

No beads, more knitting

It's cold, my shed/studio is cold, the flouro light directly above my torch stopped working and I can't think of any beads I really want to make enough to just put on ten layers of clothing and a heat pack down my butt crack and brave it out.
So -  knitting instead. I can stay on the couch with the whippets curled up next to me and still make stuff:)
And I don't know how so any little achievement is ultra satisfying. And browsing/ ordering yarn is very similar to with glass colours, which I've always thought of as just like a big kid with a box of crayons. As usual I go for GREEN

I made a hat! Knitted flat with cables in super chunky warm alpaca blend, it only took me two days,

and then because I still had some lovely green left over I made one sock, and a bit...

and thats how much yarn I have left until my next order arrives:/  It fits my foot and is so toasty
I wore it to bed because my feet were cold despite electric blanket and whippets, my feet just had to take turns!
Next week there will be beads, my cousin Rachel will be here and we plan to make glass  AND metalwork AND enamel AND knit:)

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