Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Glen Hansard Rocks!

Wow the show last night was sooo kickass, it might've even kicked a Wilco shows ass!!!
Damn Glen Hansard was ferocious and intense and played FOREVER!
It may seem like my favourite show is always whichever one I saw last night haha, but this was completely above and beyond expectations.
Shit, I only found out about the show last Thursday when I saw a tiny pic of Lisa Hannigan in an inflight magazine on my way to Christchurch to empty out Grandma's house now she is settled in the resthome, (two dumpsters full, plus scored some great vintage fabric and doilies). Then I had to endure the weekend with no internet access  or ability to get a ticket until I got home on Sunday.
So I was rapt that since no one else could get off work to come with me and I only needed a single seat, I go a ticket in row CC29, which I thought was 3rd row (for two together the best seats were TT) and I happily watched Lisa's opening half hour from there until some other people showed up and told me I was in their seat and I figured out there were no rows AA or BB so I had to move up to the front row:) lol.
Lisa was sweet and beautiful and I loved the song, "Safe travels, don't die".
But Glen was AMAZING, his stories and the songs and the way he explodes then reins it back in, Holy Shit! The Frames rocked, I couldn't see the drummer due to a speaker in the way but every now and then I caught a glimpse of him going absolutely nuts, and the violin and string sections were heartbreakingly beautiful and the horn section was brilliant. and he played with and without all of the above and with Lisa, and the final song, Passing Through (Leonard Cohen) had everyone clapping and stomping with encouragement from Glen ("at least just uncross your arms" haha). And he led them all in a procession to the back of the Town hall in an atmosphere which felt like a mix between Ireland and New Orleans! He said the aim was to have that simple tune in our heads as we went home, it's still in mine today and I'm still buzzing:) And when the procession wended back past me and Glen was right beside me I couldn't help but yell, "YOU ROCK!" and he turned around and looked directly at me with a huge smile and said "Tank You" UH!
They didn't finish til right on midnight, over 3 hours, not counting Lisa, and I ended up hugging the guys I was siting next to because it felt like we'd bonded from being such a part of a wonderful experience!
I have to go check Youtube:) Well nothing there, yet, but I do have a few pics


  1. Enjoyed your review! I'm always looking for others who had the same reaction I did at my first Glen Hansard/Frames show in San Fran last fall. "Falling slowly" indeed as he had us all in the palm of his hand. I too attended as a lone female and after the show had to rave to passing strangers, "He punches you in the gut, then cradles you in his arms." One of the top three concerts I've been to.

    1. Thank you! I absolutely love your description, "He punches you in the gut, then cradles you in his arms." is just perfect:)
      Now I have to know what your other top two are?