Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wallpaper eggs

I've been making a few big hole beads each session lately and putting them aside for Fiona at Tutukaka gallery.  They've been sitting in water waiting for me to clean the bead poo out of the holes, I looked at  them the other day and thought how they're much brighter threy are than I often use, (that Special Orange is still a favourite). Funnily enough I just got an email from Fi requesting a top up, and specifically in bright colours:)

I've been a bit lost as to what else I feel like making recently and have had a couple of sessions with nothing coming out particularly inspired or interesting to me.
I think I've overcome the lull though, I love these raked dot eggs beads in reactive colour, they remind me of 60's or 70's wallpaper patterns

I just got a package from Thompson Enamels too so now I can start playing with torch firing enamel on copper! Exciting!!

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