Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The studio revamp

'Studio' still refers to 'corner of garage' but now a cleaner, tidier, reorganised and super functional corner of garage plus featuring a much longed for set of vintage library catalogue drawers!! Oooohhh!
I've even categorized stuff/components into around half the drawers so far!
Now my glass rods all sit at arms length in front of my torch, way easier for picking out an extra colour to use mid-bead, or when I decide the colour I'm using is getting tooo short and my fingers are getting toooo hot, haha.
My photo lightbox area is still a work in progress, I'm liking the pictures I can take outside with my new camera, (Canon sx260 - love) but still figuring out the lighting set up, gradient background and manual settings etc to get pro looking indoor shots.
Still on a roll making larger focal beads though, only threw one in the water bucket from last night:)

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