Monday, September 10, 2012

Starting Again

Ok, revisiting this abandoned railroad track to resuscitate and rejuvenate!
It has been nearly a year, a year in which I lost my mum, lost my muse for a while, retreated.
I've still been making glass, posting occasional pictures to flickr, obsessively scrolling through pinterest which I love but while it provides a tremendous amount of inspiration and wonderful ideas somehow the addictive quality makes me keep searching for more ideas rather than following through on many of the ideas it gives me!
I put my laptop on the floor and accidentally stood on it months ago, so have been tolerating a largish blob and crack across the screen which slowly spread to engulf more the left hand top corner, I used the back button by guessing approximately where it sat behind a black splotch!
Finally enough, actually I first bought a new camera to take better bead pictures, actually even before that I made new beads which I really liked and felt were worthy of taking decent pictures, and then a new laptop became an obvious necessity.
One of those things where I put up with something broken for a long time and then, now, wonder what took me so long!
So now I plan for this to be a more visual and regular occurrence starting with the recent beads I am proud of:)


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