Thursday, December 30, 2010

The healing scar

The name was given by someone on Lampwork etc for this piece of 'accidental' glass, maybe it's the nurse in me, (or the Wilco lyric lover), but it appealed to me as the perfect name and stuck ever since.
The story of how this piece occurred fits with the name well too, initially it started out as an oval shaped dot bead with some heavy silver 'stormy' dots, something like this...

BUT, I forgot to turn my kiln off and the temp kept ramping up until he beads completely melted and started dripping onto the kiln floor!
The result was this beautifully smooth cab and a few other more irregular shaped puddles. 
They had to be dug out of the porous kiln floor but I immediately loved this one and decided to keep it for myself,  Subsequent attempts to recreate this process with kiln paper beneath were less inspiring.

So, now the latest incarnation of the healing scar is as the centre piece of my newest obsession - silver bezel setting. Unfortunately trying to close the bezel I dented the tube bail, but at least it's a central dent:)
Eventualy I'll probably feel the need to remove the glass and fix the dent, probaly resolder a new bail, but for now I quite like the imperfection.

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