Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wilco will love you baby!

Framed up my new Wilco poster which my darling Sam just happened to find falling off a wall for me!

Looks great in my kitchen along with one from their last tour here and my Kotche drumstick
Still on the hunt for the '08 NZ tour, love my T-shirt from that show though, can't wear it much anymore for fear of it falling apart
although it is much better quality than the one I got in 2010

Can't hardly wait for the Auckland AND Wellington shows in April :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

I heart orange

More hearts, with... Orange:) The middle one in a colour called Celadon, developed an air bubble which popped and made  a hole I decided I liked and so I left it there.

With Pea green, didn't notice the extra little blob of orange on the upper left until I looked at the photo.

This one in Dark sky blue (love the Wilco song Sky blue sky haha) has a yuck grey haze over it, turquoise does the same. I'd read on Lampwork Etc it can be removed with a soak in Coca Cola or Toilet Cleaner!! Also advice to soak in jewellery pickle, not pickle juice which I was just about to do before I read the whole sentence lol. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Exuberant colour

A long time ago my favourite colour was purple, then for some unknown reason it changed to green. Whenever I have a container full of my beads there is an obvious predominance of blues and greens, especially transparent or translucent blue,s greens, purples.
I've rarely felt like using opaques, (other then ivory or sediment bases) and pretty much steered clear of primary colours altogether.
Lately though I've been lured by the beauty of Special Orange, which has led to further dabbling with opaque red, yellow, green.  I think it's a gateway colour:)
These disc flowers I've made a few times recently, great for earrings threaded on to hoops. I made Purple, Twilight Jungle and a few others, but the orange are definitely the happiest!
I love how it offsets Sky Blue on this heart, I have more colourful  hearts in the kiln tonight.
And then I started mixing it up in these 'fiesta' big hole beads which remind me of Mexico and also ended up triangular because they have three spots each.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Creative Trade

So my trade with Megan of Megan Mae Daily is complete, She wore the fish necklace I sent her with a super cute outfit here...

and I put some of her gorgeous button flowers and obi belt together to brighten my favourite denim

I love them so much, I also put a green one on my brown corduroy hat and still need to accessorise whippet collars with some next:)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Orange crush

Still loving using orange glass at the moment.
I just put together another 28 big hole beads for the gallery in Tutukaka but totally forgot to take pictures before I sent them. Thought of it about ten minutes after I'd posted them!
There was a fair bit of orange in amongst them though.
I plan on using a lot more exuberant colours this year.

Luckily I still have a bunch of Special Orange to keep going with, not sure why I even ordered it in the first place but it's great with purple and turquoise and green etc lol, funny how I overlooked it for so long:)