Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Exuberant colour

A long time ago my favourite colour was purple, then for some unknown reason it changed to green. Whenever I have a container full of my beads there is an obvious predominance of blues and greens, especially transparent or translucent blue,s greens, purples.
I've rarely felt like using opaques, (other then ivory or sediment bases) and pretty much steered clear of primary colours altogether.
Lately though I've been lured by the beauty of Special Orange, which has led to further dabbling with opaque red, yellow, green.  I think it's a gateway colour:)
These disc flowers I've made a few times recently, great for earrings threaded on to hoops. I made Purple, Twilight Jungle and a few others, but the orange are definitely the happiest!
I love how it offsets Sky Blue on this heart, I have more colourful  hearts in the kiln tonight.
And then I started mixing it up in these 'fiesta' big hole beads which remind me of Mexico and also ended up triangular because they have three spots each.

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