Monday, April 8, 2013

Ultimate Wilco Weekend!

Wilco are just the greatest! I had such an awesome time at their two NZ shows.
These were the fourth and fifth time I've seen them now so I kind of know what to expect, I know we're all gonna sing along to Jesus Etc, that Via Chicago will go from quiet to an all out assault which truly makes me laugh in amazement and that during Impossible Germany Nels will look like he's having a seizure:)
I read somewhere Jeff Tweedy said people often come to shows wanting to relive the previous shows they've seen, which reflects in the requests they get and I can see that, my own request of More like the Moon wasn't played but I'm glad, it wouldn't have fitted in with the happier rocking vibe of these shows.
Anyway I could gush on about how good they are but the shows weren't even the best part of my weekend, it was this...

 I stayed in Wellington Friday night then Saturday morning I was flying to Auckland for the second show and I had been joking that maybe they’d be on my flight but I didn’t really expect it to happen! They were all just standing there in the departure lounge! What a perfect opportunity:)
I really am still buzzing about it and and so proud of myself for gathering the guts to get up and go and ask for a photo, lucky I had my camera with me, and the woman who took these for me did such a great job of getting them all in, well 5/6 of them, I didn't see Nels although he was on the plane, but this is just more than I would have ever really hoped for anyway, the stars all just happened to align for me:)

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