Thursday, December 27, 2012

Koi inspiration and evolution

Wandering around the internet I came across Megan Mae Daily wonderful silk button flowers and obi belts.
 I just adore them, they are so individual and just what I need... mine are in the mail!

Megan agreed to a partial trade with one of my beads and requested one of my fish beads...

in colours to go with her fantastic koi socks shown here:
I love when I get outside inspiration from such a creative source. It took me a couple of experiments to come up with a koi fish I was happy with, technically it isn't a bead because I ended up stretching out the body and making the tail closed in off the end of the mandrel.So I had to glue in a bail for him to hang from but I love the shape and how the curve makes it look like it's swimming, so much better than the fat barrel fish I made before!

I fell in love with this bright 'special' effetre orange too,
 I love how the colour intensifies more in some spots
and how it looks more opaque under indoor lights. I think the green is effetre olive, I just had a half rod of the colour I had in mind. It was so much fun to make and I got really excited with ideas and possibilities. I'm definitely going to be making more fish and using more of this orange.


  1. Sooo gorgeous! I am so glad to have done this swap and I'm really looking forward to my little fishie friend! I still love your 'barrel' fish too. They remind me of the big-eyed koi we had in the pond before a stray cat got him!

  2. That is just beautiful! Such a great swap!

  3. How beautiful, Kristan, you are very talented.

  4. I adore Koi and I can hardly wait to see Megan wear it. It is a beautiful bead. I have so much admiration for glass artists and you are definitely an artist!