Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Riveting, at last.

Sheesh, what I thought would be the 'easy' part of finishing the riveted silver/glass rings I had in mind, turned into a frustratring mess.
As always seems the case with my learning process I have to muck things up a couple of times then undo and redo them before I 'get' it lol.
So third time lucky? Nope.
Simply hammering the silver tubing down into a rivet using a dapping block and punches which I figured would take a matter of minutes took over the majority of my silver class work time.
The fist ring I completed without breaking the glass I broke the silver instead! Grrr. the tubing started to split on one side and once that happened it was impossible to hammer more without worsening the split, resulting in a 'pacman' shaped rivet, shown on the right (yeah I totally meant for it to look like that:/ )
What I learnt from that though was that my tubing was tooo long  and it only takes an extra 4mm above the bead to make a rivet without  a pacman split, maybe even less would be better. 
I'm happy with the last finished rivet attempt on the left. The rivet is still not quite tight enough against the bead, as shown below, but theres no movemnt in it and I think it's a pretty ring.  
The remainder of the silver classes I spent discovering the allure of Liver of Sulfur (not the smell!) and happily throwing all my completed silver pieces into the jar to turn black and then scrubbing off some of the black to leave a beautiful aged finish. I LOVE this effect.

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